Candidate for Wisconsin 4th Assembly District

Vote Jane Benson for 4th Assembly District
Jane Benson for 4th Assembly District

I’m Jane Benson and with your help I’ll be your next State Representative for Wisconsin’s 4th Assembly District. I worked for many years for fair voting maps with the Fair Maps Coalition and the League of Women Voters. In 2024, we finally have them!

The balance of power is changing and together we have the opportunity to break the gridlock in Madison and improve our lives.

It can be a time of reckoning for the wealthy few, the corporate lobbyists and the once politically well connected. I look forward to being a fair voice for all of us!

For 20 years, my family has lived in Suamico. As a small business owner, I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous businesses in Wisconsin. Exploring these organizations has given me an inside view of what is necessary for people and companies to succeed in our district. I manage complex projects, problem solve and learn new things every day. Those skills will transfer very well to legislative work.

Benson for Wisconsin

The 4th Assembly District covers parts of Brown and Oconto counties. The eastern border runs right along the bay of Green Bay.

Our district has a lot to be proud of and to offer to the people who live and work here: family neighborhoods with great public schools; amazing outdoor activities and the natural highlight of the bay of Green Bay; and lots of productive farmland that helps feed and provide fuel to the people of Wisconsin and far beyond.

4th Assembly District Map

I will work on behalf of the whole district on issues the majority of our citizens want. We have a lot to be proud of but there are serious threats, too. Families should thrive, even while robust reproductive rights are enacted. The next generations should want to stay here to raise their families in a safe, clean environment; where everyone is respected; where our schools are well funded; and our internet access in rural areas finally makes us technologically competitive with urban areas.

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