These are some of the issues driving me to run to be your State Representative. We have a lot to be proud of and there’s a lot more to be done. Click on a block to read more!

Some of My Top Issues

Clean, Non-toxic Waters

Especially in the northern part of the district, in the Pestigo and Marinette areas, a business released a spreading plume of toxic PFAS chemicals into the groundwater and wells. These “forever chemicals” don’t break down over time and are proven to cause cancer and other illnesses. Families are forced to use bottled water for drinking and cooking, and are afraid to bathe their babies in the toxic water coming from their taps. My opponent sponsored Bill AB 392 to use one-time federal Covid relief money to create grants to address PFAS contaminated water. That bill has nothing to do with Covid relief. Its effect is to spend taxpayers’ money to repair the environmental damage a business caused. I would work to hold the business accountable. It’s not right to privatize profits and then socialize the costs of damage on the taxpayers!

My opponent has stated publicly that there is a “poison pill” in his legislation. In order to qualify for proposed state government grant money, an applicant that receives a grant waives the right to bring or maintain legal action against those responsible for the pollution. Communities should not be required to give up their legal right to hold polluters accountable as a condition of receiving state grant funding. The Senate would not take up this bill, even though it passed in the Assembly.

The extent of PFAS damage grows with every passing day. Contaminated tributaries and streams flow into Lake Michigan. This is both a state and federal issue that will require determined, ongoing effort to avoid a full-on catastrophe where the largest body of fresh water in the United States is contaminated beyond recovery.

Women's Reproductive Rights

I fully support people’s reproductive rights. When Roe v Wade was overturned in June 2022, Wisconsin law reverted to an 1849 anti-woman bill that makes providing an abortion a felony with no exceptions for rape or incest. My opponent co-authored Bill 1065, a humiliating, anti-woman “heartbeat bill” that would also end women’s reproductive rights in Wisconsin and is even more backward than the 1849 bill currently in place. I will never stop fighting for equal treatment for women, our rights to bodily control, privacy, and the ability to make decisions that are right for each person’s unique circumstances. I trust women.

Reliable Public School Funding

The reason Wisconsin still has good schools is because school districts beg for funding over and over again through referendums, and often our citizens are willing to pay to support them. Schools need consistent funding! I’ll drive to finally improve the funding formula to make it more fair across the wide variety of our school districts. I’ll push for the state to pay its fair share of per pupil costs, including getting us out of the national rock bottom for reimbursing for special needs pupils. Let’s follow the money used for the different kinds of charter schools and vouchers to see how they draw down the budget for public schools, cause teachers to flee the profession, and erode the quality of our public education system. There are fairer ways to provide high quality public education.

Rural High Speed Internet Access

The state should provide high speed internet access in our rural communities so everyone across the state has the same opportunities available to them. It might mean a farm family member could do a computer job from home to help supplement farm income. Students from farm families could do remote learning from home, if needed. Locating and ordering supplies any time that’s convenient, telehealth, selling value-added products online – the internet offers so many opportunities. I want to make sure our district gets a fair share of the broadband development dollars in a timely manner!

I’ll be in listening sessions and knocking on doors across the district in the coming months to make sure you’re heard and I’m working on what matters most to you.

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